As an International student I came to the U.S. two years ago; more specifically I came to Atlanta. I then started studying The United States Politic System and American history. My political views aligned with what in the United States is known as the GOP party or also known as the Republican Party. But wait a second, shouldn’t I be Democrat because I am Hispanic? Aren’t the Republican Party racist people to Hispanics? Does this goes against my identity? This specific argument is a big misconception in politics let me explain you why.

Racism doesn’t have a specific political beliefs nor specific races. I like to express that racism is reflected on peoples’ ignorance. You could be democrat or liberal and still be racist. Leaving the main argument of why Hispanics are against the GOP behind, let me share to you why I am a republican.

Perhaps by the fact that the vast majority of United State’s Hispanics fled from our countries escaping from a corrupt and big government. An institution that was so big to supply that it failed to deliver its basic duties to its citizens. A big state where corruption is the main topic and where populism is being used repeatedly to win elections. Are Hispanics voting for a big government that support high taxes, high regulations in economy and promises to give you free services?  A system fill with bureaucracy something isn’t this what we scape fled from?

Hispanics immigrants, I assume, came to work here, not to beg for a free healthcare, public housing or money from the government to help them survive. As a well-educated Hispanic I know that the majority of us work our ass off, and also have the biggest desire to overcome success despite all of societal odds. So let me put it this way of why I am explaining this. Republicans are conservatives meaning tend to have a right inclination in the political spectrum.

Republican Party stands for free markets and low regulations in the economy. It’s been proven along the years Capitalism might not be perfect, but it has taken many countries out from poverty. One of my Economics professor said it is “like a “mirror”, because it gives you back as much as you put in; meaning it reflects to you what you invest. It gives you as much depending on how much you prepare, educate, and work back to you. It does not reflect to you something illusional, something you haven’t invested or sacrificed. That’s the real bad news here, wait, that’s REAL LIFE anyways.

Republicans also are conservative in society, so then why are most of Hispanics voting democrats?  If in fact the Latin American culture might be the most religious cultures compared to other countries. Maybe it might be because media is so corrupt that persuades them with false news and doesn’t inform well. Also, it could be because of the influence from people like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and many other famous artist, who clearly support the Democratic Party. Don’t go with the flow, stand back and think what YOU believe in not what your favorite IDOL supports.

My personal belief on societal issues is the following, God said the following I’ll paraphrase it: “we could do whatever we like to do with our lives but not all of it is convenient to us.” I do not like to judge people based on sexual preferences, color, political inclinations, or race. It might not be what I personally share or believe in, but at the end of the day, who am I to judge? It is from the greatest in history to stand for RESPECT and TOLERANCE. Therefore, IT IS TIME FOR THE RIGHT TO BE RIGHT.

Javier Perez Saavedra

Kennesaw State University