It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon at a neighborhood Starbucks coffee store. Nothing extraordinary was happening besides the loud espresso machine and the strong breakfast coffee blend smell. I was focusing deeply in my book, and at the same time listening to my favorite coffee House playlist, nothing really seemed to be out of order. When a little moment later, I grabbed my cup of coffee to take a sip, and I saw two cops talking to a man. He was clearly an immigrant, this man was seating around 10 feet away from my small coffee table. In an effort to figure out what was happening. I took my earbuds off and start trying to follow up the conversation. Everybody in the coffee shop paralyzed and started to chit chat what happened. After a quick chat, the cops very kindly and respectfully asked him to step out from the coffee shop and to walk away.

I then started to think about an issue the United States has been encountering lately with immigration. Not only the United States but also many countries across the Western hemisphere with open Immigration policies. Immigrants coming from Latin America, Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, or Asia to the US want to impose their culture over the home culture. They somehow develop this sense of patriotism in a foreign country that they lack from back in their homeland. By trying to impose and not assimilate the culture of the country they migrated to.  When I can assure you the vast majority of Latin American immigrants never had this patriotism back home. I encourage people not to lose their identity as individuals because it is what shapes us into our different characters. However, immigrants need to realize that they MUST assimilate the home culture and not impose THEIR culture.

As a classic liberal, I believe in freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and overall the freedom of the self being. I’m not restricting by any mean the freedom of the individual. I’m referring to the sense of imposing cultures in a foreign soil that is not yours. People need to know they don’t have the RIGHT to impose in a culture that is not theirs. They need to ADAPT, they culture that brought them in wants them to merged and be part of its society. But this cultural assimilation becomes complex when the immigrant IMPOSE their culture in foreign territory creating division and stratification.

At the end of the day, immigrants fled their countries to look for better opportunities. Let’s not forget where we come from, and lets become a better version of ourselves by becoming the mix of the best of both cultures.

The least we as immigrants can do to respect and be part of a united society is respect their law order system, culture, traditions and their people. Sing their Anthem like it’s YOURS wave the flag like it’s YOUR flag. The time you decided to migrated all of this symbols and traditions became also yours. Therefore, the outcome of this will be having a more respectful society that understands diversification. By doing so perhaps we will reduce stratification and social inequality between cultures; building common bonds that will unite us instead of separating us.



Javier Perez

Kennesaw State University- Junior Student