The present we are living today will be the past of what we lived tomorrow. The places we go tomorrow will be the, “I remember that one crazy time I went to that beautiful place going back in time as you stare at old photographs.”

My only fear as a young student is not living my present because of the daily monotony we are predestine to live due to the credentials of the modern world.

It frightens me to think that, I will be the cliché boring older grumpy man sitting on the table at Christmas dinner; talking to other people how bad he wants to go back in time to do things he didn’t do because he didn’t realized how fast time goes.

People mostly adults daydream often thinking on lose memories they did’t make in their past. My goal is to never say “I want to go back in time and do …..”  We must realize these are our most valuable years of our lives, the years we have to enjoy, and the years we have to travel. I’m only 21 and I want to conquered everything on my way. I want to meet people, take pictures, try new flavors, and the most important to me impact other people.

Time is relative but one thing is for sure is not slowing down nor is going backwards so let’s L-I-V-E. For that reason, I will only regret the pictures I didn’t take, I will only regret the places I didn’t go, and the people I didn’t meet. I refuse to forgive that mistake to myself. Therefore, I’ve decided not to make that mistake by making everything in the NOW.

Life is so short that the slowest way to live it is to live it memory by memory.

I know these will all be stories someday, and our pictures will become old photographs. We all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now, these moments are not stories. This is happening.” Stephen Chbosky


Change your “if” for the “it was.”


Javier Perez Saavedra