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¿Qué es Utopia +502?

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What is Utopia?

Utopía es un blog escrito por estudiantes y profesionales latinos en su mayoría.  Que como todo latinoamericano vivimos en sociedades caóticas, sin embargo anhelamos sociedades utópicas. Utopía es un blog con identidad política definida Clásica Liberal ; ayúdanos y se parte de este proyecto para poder construir estas utópicas sociedades a lo largo de Latino America y el mundo.

Utopia is a blog written by young students and professionals. Mainly, from a Latin background that like the majority of Latin Americans strive to have a better society in our home countries. Utopia is a blog with a Conservative/Libertarian ideology. Be part of this project and help us create a generation that will get involve in creating those dreamed societies across Latin America and the World.

” The failures of capitalism are still better than the success of socialism.” Garry Kasparov

Kaizen  Our New Segment

What is Kaizen?

It is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continual improvement throughout all aspects of life. We all need a Kaizen philosophy in our personal lives to improve in a daily basis. This segment will target all of the individuals with a young soul that strive for constant improvement. The spectrum of subjects written in this segment it’s as broad as the Kaizen philosophy applies in our lives. Sharing our personal stories and lessons can uplift people around us. Let’s be the generation that is always striving for perfection, but at the same time helping others to achieve it too.